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Safety Information

See below for general safety information regarding our available items. We hope these measures provide parents and event organisers alike with peace of mind when renting from KingKongPartyRentals.


>>> Click here to see a list of safety rules aimed at preventing injury. These rules should be enforced on the day of your event by a responsible adult supervisor

>>> Or click here to see a safety certificate as provided by ConocoPhillips / United Way as part of an inspection and approval of one of our Dunk Tanks used in a corporate fundraiser.

Safety Rules

Safety is the number one priority for us at KingKongPartyRentals. To prevent injury, please review the following rules which should be enforced on the day of your event by a responsible adult supervisor:

1. All item rentals must be operated under adult supervision.

2. Extra caution and supervisions are required for children ages three and under.

3. Never allow older kids to bounce with children three and under unless they are supervised.

4. Riders must be grouped according to age and size before entering ride. This is the responsibility of the adult in charge.

5. Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others who may besusceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing ARE NOT PERMITTED on or in the unit at any time.

6. No flips, wrestling, or extreme horseplay allowed while on ride.

7. Do not bounce closer than two feet from each other.

8. Do not bounce on the step or near the doorway.

9. Remove shoes or footwear, glasses, jewelry, and pocket contents.

10. No sharp objects allowed inside moonwalks.

11. No climbing or hanging on the outside walls or roof.

12. Keep toddlers from putting netting in mouth.

13. No one is allowed on ride while it is being inflated or deflated.

14. In case of heavy rain and/or lightning, have children exit moonwalks and turn off blower. Move blower out of the water untill rain stops. Then hook blower up and inflate moonwalk. Dry moonwalk to prevent slipping and children can continue playing on moonwalk.

15. In case of accidental power outage to unit, have children exit moonwalk then check for disconnection or your homes breaker.

16. No food or drinks allowed in moonwalk.

17. No persons over 175 pounds allowed inside moonwalk rentals.

18. Do not spray water on ride for any reason. ABSOLUTLY NO SILLY STRING or glitter is to be used otherwise a charge of $100 is needed for repairs. SILLY STRING EATS BOUNCE HOUSES.

Safety Certificate

Safety is of the utmost importance to us at KingKongPartyRentals and we are always striving to ensure that our products are in well maintained and in good working order.

Our dunk tanks have been inspected and verified by a team of safety inspectors from ConocoPhillips working on behalf of United Way ( as part of a corporate fundraising event.

See below for the related article:

Dunk Tank Inspection and Event Summary - COP Lower 48 United Way Event

An inspection of the dunk tank was made by an HSE representative of ConocoPhillips Lower 48 organization at vendor site and prior to event. A Job Safety Assessment was conducted including reviewing the procedures, equipment and tools, positions of people, PPE, and changing the course of work. The safety inspection resulted in a few changes to the tank including repairing seat bolts and adding additional safety tape on plexi-glass and safety bumper and the tank was approved for use in our event. These changes were completed prior to the event and inspected on the event day with no issues observed. The tank arrived in good condition at the event and was set-up without incident. The event staff delivered the tank on time and helped to set up the tank and pick it up after the event without incident.

On the day of event we had five individuals dunked for ~20 minute periods. Prior to the event each individual was briefed on the procedures and what to watch out for. There were no incidents during the event and the event went smoothly with no safety issues. However, it is recommended that the individuals being dunked be in good physical condition as repeated dunking and climbing back up to the board is demanding on one's body.

Chris Alonzo
Lower 48 United Way Co-Chair

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